Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Solitary Reaper

Provocative women drive me crazy at times. And worst are the times when you die for someone particular. You lose freedom to broaden your horizons. You lose freedom to move ahead. It is like a full stop in life. And then even your notorious mind would never stops, you keep vacillating from one person to others, the others forming the set of people you want.

I was talking to a friend of mine, she sounded really sad about her break up with her boy friend, something provoked me to contemplate over benifits of single hood.

Lets see, how singles live! Me being one, loner in the abyss with couples and hot women sitting on the top of the mountain, try to see life from my perspective. Life from down here is not that bad, and trust me it is not that hard to realise, if you can burden your neural networks a little bit. There were times, when I used to crib, god damn! where's the girl I want, I want this woman, that woman...(See every one needs love, me no exception, I was born in a normal fashion and I am living a life of a normal being, so don't look at me with contempt. And if you try to be honest there is an equally frustoo guy/gal inside you, don't confuse it with a justification, I ain't proving anything to you, I just want you to believe in what you truly feel).

Then one day god appeared in my dreams, and said, "Swara! (c how popular this name of mine is that, even god can't call me Abhinav, :(( I miss my name so much) Women come and go!" Wiser a person is, more laconic he/she is, and who could be a better example than God! Thank you God, moment I have a problem he comes in my dreams and tells me a solution. I never believed in people who used to say that even friends ain't forever, friends today won't be friends tomorrow, perhaps I had strong reasons for this thinking, in 21 years of my life, I had never lost a friend, for me friends once, is friends forever! But then I question myself, is past such a strong reason to ruin your life sticking to one person. Profound thought leads you to great solutions, thats why I always take my time to ponder, and this time was't different. Life is about learning and moving on, rather than sticking to past, which has all glutinous properties to mar your confidence in life. So, one line lesson, Avoid glueing to past. I think I digressed a lot, sign of a bad writing. Without wasting any more time I ll state pros of singlehood.

Single-hood gives you freedom to dream about a different person every night, things shouldn't get boring right! And I caution the committed people, I don't know how much you think about ethics and morals before acting, but surely if you dream about different persons every night :P, you are ethically going wrong, filling your empty sin-tanks, and remember evil tanks fill a lot faster than you can imagine.

Next, single-hood gives freedom to flirt with N- no. of people because you ain't committed to one, Makes sense right! Its like being India, we stand with our liberal open economy, allowing countless opportunties to the world for trade, on similar lines we should leave ourselves open and let the world full of beautiful and unique attributes trade on terms of love and affection. See, I am not demeaning commitment, its sanctity is still maintained. I just want to show you the joys of not being committed.

Next, while you are single you don't owe any responsibility to anyone, which binds you. I am sure no one in this world wants to live in a coop! You can always start a new thing, and forget the past, things seem really hard at the beginning and one needs a lot of cruelty to kill your emotions but eventually its for your good. Your past can't bring happiness to you, you know that but you just refuse to trust your gut. Don't fool your self!

Next, singles enjoy the freedom of trying and testing! You enjoy the freedom of tasting different people(:P), an explicit pun intended) See, one person in your mind is like a huge rock, which restrains your movement in life. Remember what our teachers taught us in school, if you are stuck on one problem in exam, leave it and move to the next else you will lose many marks. A direct analogy can be drawn here, if you are stuck upon one person you are losing loads of fun in life, so its best to move on.

Next, love plays an important part in shaping your life, but there are things more important in life, that one must look up to, which includes career, your friends, your parents, and above all your own self. Love your self! You know this love is hardly successful and most of the things one does in love are lust driven. And for the naysayers, here is an advice, don't be skeptical, try being patient and give it a deep thought, you ll realise it better.

This article is something I put on and realised that it is very controversial and open to criticism. My own view would be to say that if there is love, great, if its not even then its great. See you got nothing to lose, in fact you have more to gain in single hood.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Thought for the Night

"Falling doesn't matter, if you fight back to rise again"