Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Long time no interesting story to tell. Alas I retort to my favorite topic: women. I must say a few words about the women in my office. Well most of them are respectable dames but some seem bitchy. First let me brief you about the scene of my office.

Six of us, IITians, joined this analytics firm, with two of us including me in pharma team and the rest four in finance team. Well the most interesting thing is that this sextet we form is nothing but a group of snobs. Our company doesn’t have many IITians before us that gives us obvious reasons to look down upon others. I confess that we are being haughty bastards here, but we can’t help it. Though, we might be less capable than what we presume to be, but still, we have enough big a reason to have a condescending eye for others. We do nothing more than cracking silly jokes on everyone. If we run out of people, we start bulling each other.

Women in office, there is one female I am really attracted to, but as usual, my bad luck is too good, and she always goes out with another guy, who in all terms seems better than me. I envy him! Never mind! She has an amazingly cute smile, and she has the delicacy that a female must posses. She is attributed with a good dressing sense and off course in uniform she seems more provocative than anything. She is a perfect blend of cuteness and sexiness. She is in a different team, and I have always been too shy to say hi first.

Well that’s where it closes actually, there are other females as well in fact a lot of them but none of them is as appealing as she is, neither is their charm as appealing as her to occupy my blogspace.

Well such women keep coming to your life, time after time, and they leave an impact which is fast but temporal. And there is another set of women who make your life; their impact is slow but eternal. You can get fun with the first set of women, but never satisfaction. Because when it comes to rest, you cannot sleep on a bed of diamonds, but a bed of flowers.