Thursday, November 26, 2009

Beginning of the End

Why would I choose this title? At the moment I believe that if I begin contemplating in this direction I know I would reach the end. Sounds trite!

I, like many other people in my age group, find myself in a state of wasteful youth. Doing what everyone else is doing. Always choosing to flow with the river. My mind wants to revolt some times but then revolution is not easy when you are living easy. Revolution is always born out of sheer pain. The impetus required for a revolution is not found yet. But my gut says it won’t be far ahead in time when this impetus is met and the need for a revolution embarks on.

Human mind is juvenile. Believing in god/karma/etc when scared or when in pain and not believing when in joy. The reason for that is simple no human being is sure of the existence of an almighty. Everyday I want to give myself 100 reasons why I should believe in god and I do that. It is not that those reasons are not strong enough; I would say most of them prove the existence of god by rejecting the reverse hypothesis, but then the problem with human mind is that it can’t stop thinking. It would come with another 100 reasons to not believe in god.

Free will

Freedom is one of the most sought after virtues. My soul always seeks liberation from the shackles it is tied in. My thoughts are like a free bird. They fly so high such that no one can see you. But the moment they come to someone Else's sight, more often than not, they are shot down. That’s how cruel the society is to my dangerously free will. These monsters defend the killing by justifying growth of civilization or existence of elements which may not have existed.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Crazy winter night & Insomnia

"Its freaking cold today and I can't get no sleep. Reason, lack of love. Love is beautiful. Each one of you reading this must should fall in love. To be loved is astoundingly crazy. To lose love is really sickening. Cause of my insomnia. But that's how life is. Fall in love, but at this risk and never make a mistake more than once."