Thursday, February 23, 2006

Smoking the last Cigarette of the day...

You read what I see. A big mustard colored board and an arrow over it pointed towards the beer and wine shop. I move my eyes in the direction of the arrow; the path my vision traces intercepts the aesthetically beautiful Barista. A glimpse inside shows an exceedingly cute couple; playing their cute little mysterious love games. Off course they want to go ahead, cross the limits, but the world is still not open, or may be I am just misinterpreting their sacred emotions. Eyes is their communication instrument, gleaming and blinking to mimick the shinning and twisting lips. Beautiful, isn't it? Enough of peeping, now my eyes start blushing. I see another board, this time a huge board with an arrow opposite to the previous one. My little favorite Barista is squeezed between these two blithes or may be a more critical inspection would reveal that both of them point towards Barista alone. Any ways, the green vegetable and bread shop, Subway. It looks clean and organised, pretty much demanded attributes for attraction. A bunch of loosely dressed long hair guys smoking their lungs out sat on the chairs under the green board. I just wonder, why they don't go to the basment Village Cafe. I am sure they will love the place, its wooden interiors, ultimate music and last but not the least FTV. A bliss for smokers and coffee freaks. To a side, Raibows, is no where close to its inspiration. MJ is another place for good music and beer lovers, but its a gay place for the some of my random prejudicies. You may go there and judge for yourselve. SDA market haas been a sure shot place for good time between lecture breaks, but a few overfortunate ones who don't have lectures at all, it is a 24/7 hangout. This aunty has been giving me stern looks for so long, perhaps she is scared of the gun I am clutching in my fingers, don't worry aunty, it is just a cigarrete, unlike a gun it kills slowly. Last puff, and I have to leave and work, bloody work! I hate it so much!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Moonlight Drive

"Let's swim to the moon, let's climb through the tide. Penetrate the, evening that the, city sleeps too high. Let's swim out tonight love, it's our time to try. Park besides the ocean, on our moonlight drive"