Wednesday, November 15, 2006

My Own Star Chase

This is a story when I lived far away from earth, on a distant planet. One night I came out of my den and gazed at the interstellar space. There were millions of scintillating stars. I decided to take a voyage towards planet earth, because the light coming from there had a spellbinding effect on me. I wasn’t sure what it was doing, but curiosity served as fuel for my voyage. I had a hunch that my voyage would be full of difficulties and my destination, far out of reach. But every time I looked at that star I wanted to reach it even more. Every light year I traversed through the empty space, I was alone and that was the beauty of this voyage.

It simmered slowly and its warmth traveled across the ether to entice voyagers like me. As I kept on getting closer to this star, it became even more beautiful. Finally the voyage was complete and to my amazement the star was far prettier than my expectations. I was honored by the star to have reached it.

I set an observatory close to the star so that I could know more about the beauty it kindled. That day onwards I could do nothing else but appreciate the beauty and thus I had a new 24/7 job. I started converting this beauty into text, because I wanted the moments of amazement to prevail till eternity. I craft this star into a lady, so that the world close to this star empathizes with me.

This lady had the prettiest eyes in the world. No doubt I was drowned into the unfathomable depth of her eyes. The freshness of a garden pulp and the radiance of a sunny day flower compared to one look on her face. There was elegance in every movement she made. The curvaceous shape of her body had an orgasmic impact on every observer. The elegance of the expressions of her radiant face made me spell bound and generated a thought process towards her for ages. The impact of her presence made me a slave bowing to her pulchritude. I lost all my senses but one, that incessantly appreciated her splendor.

Like every voyager I wanted to see the star from as close as I could, alas the burning sensation would kill me. My continual signal transmission at last yielded some response. I was overwhelmed at my success and I wanted to glorify it. There was joy in everything.

But sadly, stars keep on moving in the ether where everything that doesn’t collide or gets annihilated by the star moves further away from it at a speed faster than ever before. Soon I ran out of fuel to survive in the orbit around it, and we moved apart, with memories of gold.

One voyage can change your life. My quest for this beautiful star had a life changing impact on me. And that impact still persists, and will continue to persist eternally, that is the power of her attraction.