Thursday, November 17, 2005


The grass was greener
The light was brighter
When friends surrounded
The nights of wonder
Floydian: "High Hopes"

Friday, November 11, 2005

"Everything comes to those who can wait"

These are the words of a fifteenth century philosphor, I read them in a recent newspaper article.

We are born and we start yearning for things that glitter. It causes lots of unwanted pain, sleepless nights, random hystersis and certain wrong actions when we are no more able to bottle the steam due to high societal pressure and the inner glutton we have.

I am no different, and why should I be, being a human I have the same appetite for all that glitters. But unlike those lucky ones, who don't have to try too hard to achieve what they want, I am not blessed enough. Life has been a constant tussle between what I have desired and what I have got. Time after time god or whatever is the supreme power of universe has shown me that life is not easy for me. I ll digress a bit and pay homage to all those who are even less blessed than me, and there are billions of them. But this world is a selfish one, we live in a society that is majorly fed on capitalist ideology. So survival has to be fetched by being selfish, what I mean to say is that it is sought of justified in the culture we live in.

I get satisfaction in achieving things that others cannot. Precisily if I get something dearer, I am happy. But if I dont get it, I yearn for it, which causes pain and suffering and sometimes leads me to actions that I cannot justify in my wildest dreams.

Life is not a bed of roses, it shows both pricks and petals. Pricks infuriate you and then the evil inside prompts you to develop resistance to the prick or break it in retaliation. These pricks are like tests, they test you endurance. sometimes you tend to take an easy path skipping the pricks, but nevertheless the pricks have a vital role, they are tests. To pass a university exam you have to go through a number of tests, you dont have a choice to chose one or the other, in case you do you fail. Lesson here is that if you cannot skip any prick in path of your growth, since it is a vital test, if you do, you end up being a lesser being.

Well most of us are pretty happy being a lesser being, since we have little faith or little concern about what the lord wants from us. So, we dont want to compromise on the fun that those little action gives us. I have done that in past and I know I was wrong, I believe I could have gone beyond. I believe that god is Definate and god has a purpose for us. My conscience tells me what is right and wrong. I know the path of right is rocky and pricky but this is my test of endurance.

There has been instances in my life, when I chose the petals over the pricks, and I failed, being impatient. Knowing that you were wrong, and making up for it, takes the sin off. Wishfully, I will have the strength to face the metal in future and my faith will not shake.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Power of Our Love

"Love is an art of being sensitive ... Dont miss a single opportunity to be loving , and don't do anything that goes against love" OSHO

The sound of ur heartbeat
The depth of ur eyes
The warm touch of ur hand
mesures The power of luv!

The care in ur arms
The romance in ur voice
The comfort in ur words
measures the power of luv!

The tenderness in ur touch
The eternity in ur kiss
The support in ur nature
measures the power of luv!

Deeper than the deepest ocean
higher than the highest mountain
Broader than the milky way
shows the power of OUR luv!!

PS:- This was dedicated to me by a loving woman accentuating the Power of our relationship.