Monday, May 29, 2006

She is a lady

At times she is gloomy, at times she is gay. But she always dwells on rhythm. A rhythm, that compels you to dance with her. Many words of praise from the praise worthy are bestowed to her. She is deeper, the deepest ocean, only to be matched by the incessant space. Once you start adoring her, you can never get out of her love. She is a freak head, yet she is the most sensible woman in the world. She is mystic, but she is truth. She creates illusions, yet beautiful and so close to the world we are and the world we wanted to be in. She was born out of creativity.

I spend most of my time with her, and that is all quality time spent. She teaches me a lot of things; at times I think she is the most intellectual female of the world. She has opinions on everything; if not solutions. She is benevolent; she is considerate of poor hearts. She feels the pain; she knows how to party hard.

She has no semblance, no shape, yet she is the most beautiful female of the world. Once found, you can never lose her. She commits to you forever. She is the one love who never gets angry with you, and never bored of her, because, she is vivid. She is not ordinary. She is music to ears, and that’s what she is called.

PS: - Inspired by the words of Mikael Akerfeldt, “If music was a woman, I’d desperately want to fuck her”.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Nocturnals - One night at Pilot Plant

This is my first post which I am writing without any motivation. So perhaps it would be radically different. Since I don't know what I am about write, so this just might not make any sense at all.

Lets have a look at the events that made my day today. I woke up pretty late, 3 pm in the afternoon, which has been the usual trend for past few months. But thats ok, if one considers the fact that I went to sleep at 7 in the morning, 8 hrs of sleep, fairly nice. I wake up, and immediately call my sir, he tells me to have my lunch at his place. Saves my energy of wondering what to eat in the terrible heat. I plan my schedule that after lunch I ll go to the lab and work. I took a hot water shower, because nothing better was available. Though this experience was bad, but it has been a habit, also, atleast I got sterilized.

I walk my way to Sir's house. I buy some coke on my way, most of which I finish before I reach his place. Pretty cool room, tasty lunch served, and I didn't miss the opportunity to hog like a pig. A good lunch should always be followed by a good sleep. I fell on the bed...aah blissful state. Seconds later the power goes off. Gawd! Not so nice!...Its like he slaps and tells asshole! you had to go and work and you are bloody sleeping here. Get your ass up. I had no choice but to move, I gave myself consolation that th lab AC is better, take slight pain right now and go and sleep in the lab.

I reach the lab, nobodies there, perfect. I flip through a thesis for some while and get the stuff I needed and plan my experiment for the day or rather night. But then there is small information missing, which only my sir could tell me. I thought of giving him a call and wake him up, but then I thought it is not right. This man stays awake for 20 hrs a day, his average sleep has been 4 hrs for last 3 months. So, I just reject the thought of stealing a few moments from that precious sleep.

For next three hours I do rummage on internet, lissen to music, talk to friends over phone, the time just whizz passes. Meanwhile I show my smartness and prepare all the chemical reagents needed in my experiment beforehand, and then I feel clever without any reason.

Sir calls up, a couple of other friends appear, and together we go out for dinner. There is an inner pain, that I feel when I have to waste time commuting from one place to another. I can waste 23 hrs of the day sitting or sleeping or doing nothing but I feel terrible when I have to waste time travelling, then it doesn't matter if the time interval is as short as 5 mins. My usual pain appears and I start discussing my experiment with my sir, in a couple of mins, I extract the information that I needed from him.

Okie bloody hell, its 3:45 am and I have to stay awake for another 4 hrs. I am happy because that ways, perhaps after 5 months or more I ll eat breakfast. Well, out of breakfast I miss milk most. Though I don't like it much but still there is something about it. Things which have been a part of your life for long, when they are no more you miss them, irrespective of weather you like them or they you are indifferent to them. Things or people, true it is for both.

Shit it is 5:45 am..well all this while I did some of my work in fact took me one complete hour and then went to nescafe, had a choco muffin, maggy with ice tea. Morning time is beautiful, perhaps the most pleasent for any summer day. Cool breeze rejuvenates you. And yeah smoking in such a weather is an awesome experience, neverthless one should avoid smoking.

I will have to spend another couple of hours before my work is complete. Things always take more time than expected. But atleast, the work will be over when I go back to my room. I know if you have done the mistake to read all this crap, you must be regretting by now. I apologize for boring you, though I never intended, it just happens, shit happens you know. And now I see the sun too. Bloody time for me to go to bed, though I ll be slightly late today.

Saturday, May 06, 2006


Once again, I find myself falling to my own weakness. The reason I see, is that I never thought this weakness as a weakness rather I believed it to be my magnanimity, which for obvious reasons was considered as a positive trait. Has it paid anyone, having a big heart?

Once bitten twice shy. But I didn't learn. My folly, perhaps. Well, let me put some light on what I am talking about. I am talking about making people your life or rather friends your life. You make sacrifices, you make compromises, you kill your pride because once attached you believe that things should carried forward in good spirit. Because you don't bind easily to everyone, so you continue to believe that there is something special about that person. But there is a limit to everything, limit to the extent you can kill your pride, limit to the sacrifices you can make...And when the water goes above your head you think it is good for you to just get out of it.

We need friends to take care of us, because now and then they are the ones who understand you the best, they are the ones with whom you have all your fun. But, all along with this there is a certain degree of respect that you demand, if thats missing there is no strength in the bond.

Happy are those who don't care. Who never get attached. Who will share the happiness you have, but never bother to offer help when troubles engulf you. Life for them is very simple, rather they are the happiest folks around.

I have a few embedded traits, which I cannot lose, my amiable nature, my magnanimity. So, I believe what is good for me is to just stay aloof. Oh wonderful, guess whats the next song on my playlist: Solitude by Cathedral.