Sunday, June 26, 2005

My Friend Achievement

Is it Achievement? Yeah it is she. She is coming this way. “Hey! Sweet heart! How are you darling?” sheepishly I answer, “I am fine honey, how you doing?” She tells me that she loves me (wink) and I tell her that she is my latest crush.
All right this friend of mine, she is called Achievement. Yeah right that’s her name (anglicized). But I think she is pretty tough to achieve. She reminds of me of, I don’t know what we exactly call it, a sugar coated knife. She will say sweet things, make cute faces, and pass on winks that will make your heart pound. And then like an innocent little doll she will walk away and I guess she loves it. She will wake you up in the middle of the night jus to say hi, and man how you can sleep after that.
Once upon a time she was roaming in an apple orchard, searching for the most beautiful fruit. Her search ended when she found a really sweet apple and there on she decided to live under that apple tree, caring and clinging to the blossoming bud. She thought she had found a reason to live, she had found life. One day when she was sleeping under the tree the apple fell on her. It hit her on the left part of her chest. It hurt and she screamed to the destiny why she? Pretty touchy.
My friend Achievement loves to dance, she loves to freak out…dancing is a passion for her and perhaps a mad one that she breaks the floor and makes everyone else falls to her feet. The height of her love for dancing is so much that once I was walking with her and she in her jolly mood swung her arms, only to find a moment later that I was lying on the road, so beware ( ;) wink)
I proposed her a couple of times but she says we don’t have intellectual matching. She thinks my intellect is not good enough for her. She demeans my mere intellectual capability. :)
My friend Achievement or my latest crush, I am sending you this apple of mine, accept it or else if would be taken by someone else or might rot. (:D)

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Daddy! I wanna Play

Persistently crying against the unaware force of patriarchy this aspirating kid eventually got tired and lost her hopes. She is destined not for what she desires. She is destined for something the male dominance of society wants. This is 21st century we are living in, and even till date we have such uncouth acts of the stronger sex.

This evening, I witnessed two bad things; first of all I was on the verge of losing the tennis match to Khanna, some thing that has not happened in past, anyways that’s trifling. Coming to the second bad thing and the one that is read through the title of this article, today I witnessed something that quivered my senses badly. I mean I have known that female child is neglected in family, things that a male child does are not allowed for the female child but I never witnessed it with my eyes. The scene goes like this! On the court adjacent to ours there were two kids and their father playing. Kids seemed not more than 10 years of age, one girl and one boy. Ten minutes of play all I could hear was repeated cries of the girl, “Daddy! I wanna play! Daddy I wanna play! Daddy! Daddy!...” And worse that little kid was running around the court picking up the ball for her preposterous father and brother to play. She probably had in mind that she will get to play if she did that. But sorry girl your father still isn’t able to respect the equality you deserve. Man I was pretty freaked out, but he was like an unrequiting rock. I gave him a stern look once and he stupidly smiled back at me. I didn’t want him to get hurt by someone 10-15 yrs younger so I didn’t tell him to stop exploiting the little kid and give her the racquet.(Perhaps I later realized that I was wrong, shouldn’t just watch injustice and do nothing) And trust me, that man, he looked like some professor shit, a highly educated personnel. I am sure it doesn’t mean that education has nothing to do with a persons understanding of right and wrong, it is more of a trend in the society. In fact it is the only way we have to make our society equal for both men and women. Probably we need more explanatory education, that says it loud and clear, not to fuck up with gender equality. I propose we should have chapters like "How unwittingly we Commit Gender disparity?"and "Ways we can avoid it" etc.

It might seem like a pettish thing but it is not. It starts from here only, perhaps countless similar things in which a female child is devoid of the opportunities a male child captures. It is just one instance that is acting like an example.

Well this is day when young females like Sania Mirza are making their way to Wimbledon, may be she lost in second round but that’s a separate issue. Why we don’t have more Sania Mirza’s. I think it would be redundant to mention it again. The last paragraph brings out the difference in conduct altogether. Why we can’t give them what they want when we can do the same for a male child. I am sure it is not that tough. Be rational and grow up parents.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Hollow Souls

When the burden gets heavy and your body begins to ache for the will to strive,it finally finds a way to collapse; a way to heave you out of your worthless life.You have been walking for so long,with that weight on your back;time to let go.You have decided to drop it all off; torturous pain,you no longer wanted to know.You see the truth through doubtful eyes; a wrecked image,with cracks in between.Who are your friends?You no longer know; hurtful lies through love you have seen.the finger you pointed at those who cried, twisted and turned to face no one but you. Slowly fate uncovered those hidden lies; revealing what your innocent soul never knew. Wounded by hypocrisy,blinded by tears,you walk alone feeling numb and so dead inside.Your body is mangled;yet you are dead to the feeling;you no longer want to confide.Disheartened by continous failures;torn between shards of hope and seas of despair.Waves drag you and shove you back to reality;agitation is your companion;forever there.Through the murkiness you see your hope,breathing weakly;faraway from you grip.Standing on the edge of sanity,you see it fading-hope from hands begins to slip!Suddenly hatred finds a way to consume you and you let it weaken you with its power.You watch yourself tear away;as the life is drained out of you;you feel like a wilting flower.You are dead to the world,but mostly dead to the world who show you sympathy.You pay them back with revengeful words and make them taste your bitter agony;you watch yourself turning ruefully to the person you never imagined you could be.Even those smiles you sensed coming,they turned to spiteful glares for your eyes to see.You no longer see love and your heart is poisoned by abhorrence;yet you choose to stay.You finally decide that being lifeless will shield you from feeling pain-it was the only way!So the burden gets heavy and the heart gets harder-you begin to destroy what you built.Those years of hard work and trust begin to fall apart and your memories seem to wilt.You watch everything so carefully,just like you have always done but still you dont care. You watch those who loved you begin to despise you,as you helplessly stand there.You dont need their sympathy;you dont your eyes to shed tears over your past.yet you still do;you sit in your corner everyday,sobbing-for life fell apart so fast.You become to worship your anguish and welcome it with your arms wide open.To hold it between the waves in the merciless sea where your soul was sunken.Your world is painted eternally black;similar to the color of your drenched soul.To consume yourself and your memories;this will forever be your atrocious goal.You cast your shadow upon their eyes;blinding them from pleasure and happiness.You replace their bliss with goodbyes;and fill their world with never ending silence.You hold their sweet memories ij your and crush them to watch them slip away.You kiss their smiles goodbye with your noxious lips;nothing could stand in your way.You hiss those abhorrent words in their world of satisfaction to turn it into burning hell.You linger around lost souls;those who are hollow inside are those you can relate to.You whisper your soothing words in their ears,they understand;for they are like you.You seem to breathe you life into them, knowing that in their bodies it'll be secure. Safe from your insanity and continuos torture;other sufferers are your only cure. For as long as you live, you will carry the burden-for it surely what pushes you to strive. Your burden is your challenger, your burden is your relieving agony; it keeps you alive. Queen of Distress, you are to be,fate maybe deceitful yet to his promises he's a keeper. Forever suffering,forever in darkness-forever in tears, forever alone, forever weeper.

Ps:- This article is written by Sana(a frnd of mine). Ur comments if ne wud be addressed to her.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Women Of Misery

Keep Smiling