Friday, June 30, 2006

Not my piece of cake

Third day into real life, things don’t seem to be at all fun. In three days I have realized that I am not among those who find work exciting, interesting or inspiring. It totally sucks ass. I get up at 6:30 in the morning, and it feels awful. I go through morning ablutions. I take all pleasure in dressing up in formals; they surely look good, but are uncomfortable to wear, the so called corporate look is not easy to carry. Polished leather shoes surely add to the grace of plain dark colored trousers and bright colored shirts, but one foot in soil and they are fucked. The dark pants are no good; they get mottled with every stint of alien body touch. My left foot dirties the lower right of my pants and the right one with full compliance to Newton’s third law of force does the left one the same favor. It sure feels disgusting when you have to constantly keep brushing the dust off.

To add to it, talk about the shirts; they get dirty without doing anything at all. Collars, cuffs, and where ever there is an opportunity.

Perhaps I don’t know how to carry formals well; I just hope that I learn soon, or may be I no more stay corporate.