Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Resonance Effect

There was a transfer of thousands of bacteria as she rolled her tongue inside his enormously salivating mouth. She rested her back in his arms, folded around her breasts. There was feeling of unmatched peace. The peace was accompanied by a thrill of possessing him as well the moment. There was no one around, no one to disturb the freedom they shared. Their solitude was unperturbed.

As they together sat on the sofa and looked out of the window at the eleventh floor, they could catch a splendid view of the dimly lit city in bright orange color. She couldn’t have felt better, one of the glorious moments of life. With time the heat of the moment increased, leading their passionate souls to achieve the pinnacle of bliss. Her hands went into his hair as she bent her face to comfort her lips on his. With a spurt of serotonin in his brain he grabbed her butts with his hands, pushing her tightly towards himself. They pressed their bodies against each other to increase the level of friction. Still, there were a few layers of fabric between them, but their heated bodies could not resist them for long.

Her head felt beautiful, so did her body; she knew that it was a pristine feeling. They moved to the bed so that there was more fun and less injury. Their genitals were already wetted by the natural outflow of love juices. So, it didn’t take him long to enter her and take her to the sublime states of copulating.

As she laid her head on his hairy chest, she was marred by post-coitus thoughts. She asked him the old question that every lover asks their partner, if they love them or not? And the guy burst into laughter. Perhaps he understood the innocence behind that question. Well true, you aren’t expected to be smart in love! But a stupid fool!

Love has to be felt but not said. Languages can be misleading, but vibes cannot be! Feelings cannot be right or wrong, but their interpretation. Our biggest misery is that we use language as a tool to communicate, which in itself is not complete and thus is misleading. I don’t what the right way to communicate is, but at least for sure that at least for myself I am more cheated when I took somebody’s words for granted than their vibes. So, need I say trust the vibes?