Thursday, June 28, 2007

8 Wierd Things about me!!

PS tagged me with this one. I'm supposed to reveal (hold your breath)-- eight random facts about myself (you may breathe now!)

1) I have an urge to do something which others don't do, or think is bad! Evil attracts me.

2) I seem to go to any extent for friends. Friends come first for me.

3) I have a penchant for the supernatural!

4) I wish to know all about the dark world. I watch gore movies! I love to see the darkest mysteries of the real and imaginary world.

5) I am a nice person from heart.

6) I have a fetish for mature women.

7) I have a kissing fetish.

8) I hate corporate world, I like the world as it was, without sophistication, though I am a bit hypocritical in this case.