Sunday, June 26, 2005

My Friend Achievement

Is it Achievement? Yeah it is she. She is coming this way. “Hey! Sweet heart! How are you darling?” sheepishly I answer, “I am fine honey, how you doing?” She tells me that she loves me (wink) and I tell her that she is my latest crush.
All right this friend of mine, she is called Achievement. Yeah right that’s her name (anglicized). But I think she is pretty tough to achieve. She reminds of me of, I don’t know what we exactly call it, a sugar coated knife. She will say sweet things, make cute faces, and pass on winks that will make your heart pound. And then like an innocent little doll she will walk away and I guess she loves it. She will wake you up in the middle of the night jus to say hi, and man how you can sleep after that.
Once upon a time she was roaming in an apple orchard, searching for the most beautiful fruit. Her search ended when she found a really sweet apple and there on she decided to live under that apple tree, caring and clinging to the blossoming bud. She thought she had found a reason to live, she had found life. One day when she was sleeping under the tree the apple fell on her. It hit her on the left part of her chest. It hurt and she screamed to the destiny why she? Pretty touchy.
My friend Achievement loves to dance, she loves to freak out…dancing is a passion for her and perhaps a mad one that she breaks the floor and makes everyone else falls to her feet. The height of her love for dancing is so much that once I was walking with her and she in her jolly mood swung her arms, only to find a moment later that I was lying on the road, so beware ( ;) wink)
I proposed her a couple of times but she says we don’t have intellectual matching. She thinks my intellect is not good enough for her. She demeans my mere intellectual capability. :)
My friend Achievement or my latest crush, I am sending you this apple of mine, accept it or else if would be taken by someone else or might rot. (:D)

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munmun said...

she truly is an achievement and none cud have described her better than keats himself.keep up the gud work.totally splendid.take care.a loyal fan.