Monday, September 05, 2005

Dim light of Hope

Twenty years of life, loads of learning, loads of experiences, loads of memories and loads of expectations from future. A man is born, and hopes are built. My Grand pa used to say, "A man's life is all about his wisdom". It is about how much he gained from life, how much he added to his intellect. Pertinently this wisdom is mostly acquired or a better word would be realized through experience. A true wise man is not born, he is built. Recall the thing they say, "Rome wasn't built in a day!"

Sky is really inspiring, especially the night sky, the beauty in vastness, the profundity in darkness, the glittering stars and the veiling constellations. Last night when I was walking down the road, I happened to look above, at the sky, something I often love to do. It propagated a flood of thoughts in me. Why the stars, why the sun, why earth, us and me? Wondering over the meaning of apparently the meaningless, it sounds so futile, then my gut pulls me back like what Einstein said, life can't be so trivial, there has to be something special about it. What is life for most us, who never bother to give a profound thought to it? I would take myself out of that set and look scornfully down at them and wonder the materialistic web they trap themselves into. Can life be so trivial? Every body does this! Running around like salivating dogs or may be growling pigs, behind the glittering emptiness of this world. Lord gave us something called conscience, use it and you will know lord doesn’t really want you to earn big money and buy limos and mansions! Or does he? May be your conscience would react in a different way! And then there could be a two reasons for that either it is corrupted/dishonest of it has been reluctant in accepting the truth, which is often unpleasant so we tend to shove ourselves away from it. As we fear it!

Then my watchdog hits me down and makes me wonder again why it can’t be the other way around. Today you look scornfully at the rest of the world, may be that is the way to live. May be materialistic chase is the ultimate road to where life is destined to take us. Life today, the way it is being lived, even after all professional success, spiritually it is dejected. Special stress, I in no way mean it the way religions profess it, the religions make it so complex. Religious rites are futile obligations. Strength of true self-less prayer is far more powerful against any sort of meanly motivated sacrificial rite. Why is it so hard for us to understand this? Would god be happy to see us being selfish?

Wise men said, "If you want to understand how the other person is feeling, you better put yourself in his/her position". Makes sense! Ok! Let us say I am god! First thought, I am no more an atheist. I see people being mean, I see this person really selfish, using and throwing humanity. What should I do about this person? And I say, "Gawd Damn it! Go to hell you filthy crook". Probably god would be a little less vulgar, but that is how things would look from his perspective. Common, it is not that difficult to see what god wants from us. If you are strong enough, you can figure it out, if you have will to that, you can figure it out; else the mundane world is always there to welcome you.

Now if you have chosen the mundane over the spiritual which obviously does not make much sense with our terribly constipated intellects, which probably comes at a different level of Feeling, which is something people have been unable to put on paper. Reasonably enough God didn’t want to make things so easy for us. To make into a prestigious institute you need to go through an equally high standard exam, not to demean its grandeur.

God is tough to achieve! Is it really so? I wondered, and then I explored analogies. And I found one. To get into IIT's is tough by ordinary standards, and the rarity makes it prestigious. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most superlative exams at the undergraduate level, in the whole world. An analogy can be drawn here, with parallelism fairly high exactitude. An ordinary student, an average one can crack the exam, given the right approach. If you ask the mentors, they will tell you how common sense is used to approach any problem. Strong basics, which can be developed by using common sense only and committed dedication, a spirited effort made by ones soul, are the too things that can bring this to your feet.

God, off course the most wanted ultimate resort for most, when we screw things up, when we are leveled by everyone, is the one thing/person/entity we ultimately land up to. I want you to ask your conscience, question your conscious what god wanted you to be and where you are heading. God wanted me to be a compassionate towards poor, I never give them alms! Rather I spend copious amounts of money on my so well seeked materialistic entertainment. At times I hurt people, use them for my selfish motives and then I beg pardon. How do I defend myself from this? I see no other way than to say that I am just human, and I learn from my mistakes. And that’s the way to it. Vivekananda laid so much stress on realization. Realization of mistakes, realization of truth, realization of your own self…they are the ultimate things.

Perhaps it is too early for me to explore the exact path to God, but one thing I am pretty confident about is that it can just be found by your own self, no one in this world will come and tell you that this thing is right and this thing is wrong, we ultimately do what our conscience tells us to. I don’t remember the last time I worked on a path which was a production of someone else’s conscience. We might wander whole of our lives, but one day will come when we will realize that all we did was not what we were supposed to do and that would be the point of enlightenment. All that’s needed is the time to grow.

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sanjay said...

Nice post'r right an individual has to make conscious effort to self-realize...and definitely it'll take time....u understand the importance of it as u go on in life.
let me again say u've put up ur thoughts into words very nicely.