Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Power of Our Love

"Love is an art of being sensitive ... Dont miss a single opportunity to be loving , and don't do anything that goes against love" OSHO

The sound of ur heartbeat
The depth of ur eyes
The warm touch of ur hand
mesures The power of luv!

The care in ur arms
The romance in ur voice
The comfort in ur words
measures the power of luv!

The tenderness in ur touch
The eternity in ur kiss
The support in ur nature
measures the power of luv!

Deeper than the deepest ocean
higher than the highest mountain
Broader than the milky way
shows the power of OUR luv!!

PS:- This was dedicated to me by a loving woman accentuating the Power of our relationship.


Hemu said...

Good One dude !!

So u r in love, is it ?? :D :D

Abhinav said...

dont noe wat it is! cnt call it tat..since i dont understant love at all...but thr is some sense of attachment which is relly intense!

henna said...

wow abhinav...luved dis one..too gud..dis one´s d onli post dat i actually understood well..lol..