Tuesday, December 27, 2005

I for I

Followed by criticism for reasons which show others (actually a few others aggrouping me) incapability or rather I should say impatience to read my long posts that actually confuse rather than convey an idea, I have decided to keep this post short, as much as possible.

This is about being mean. Once I was talking to a friend and we were discussing or rather time passing by pondering over useless things, which ultimately generated a great school of thought, at least I consider it to be so. We all get selfish at times, when we favor our selves as against others. Now there is a definite difference between a selfish act and an act that favors you. But, if we think more deeply there is no difference.

What is it to be mean? What actions fall under selfish mottos? What qualifies self satisfaction criteria?

An extremist idea blew my head and I started to explain. Every action in this world is self motivated. Reminder, as promised, I will keep it short. Let’s see how. Primary actions consist of my daily affairs like eating, drinking, gossiping, bathing, brushing, shitting, wearing clothes etc. I do them for me no doubt. Secondary would be the things I do to achieve something like studying for exams, working for money etc… again selfish. Last category consists of acts of benevolence, gratitude, and compassion etc. I reckon they are self-serving. Consider this, you go and help out a needy poor woman, doesn’t that serve as a source of great self satisfaction. You feel proud about that act of goodwill and great satisfaction, don’t you?

Hence, I conclude (though without objectivity, which according to my recent belief has ceased to exist or rather I should say it never existed, thus actually ruling out its relevance and utility) that all our actions are self serving, meaning that all of us are mean.


Raghav said...

check out wilson's sociobiology and altruism (the evolutionary aspects). u would like it... answers all ur questions

Hemu said...

^^ +1 ;)

Tyler_Durden said...

Don't listen to raghav, don't read any crap... u shall find the answers urself my child... its the only way to original thought... to figure it out for yourself, without the crutches of someone else's words... and until that time let me see u question every assumption without the discriminating eye of experience, let it be pure theory, pure reason, so that u get lost in abstract notions, and i find something amusing to overcome the monotony of my miserable life :P.

Abhinav said...

gawd dam,n...u opend my eyes...i was readin tat buk..now i shall not....life mus b a natural learnin process..at least mental learnin shld b natural..so tat u can stay awy frm baised thinkin...relly??

gurindar said...

"mean" would be when you fail to add value! Like i steal 10 bucksbut still can have a party, that would be 'mean'.
Nothing ever has been created out of nothing, we live in an [Eiensteenian] a 'convertible' world, and therefore no output without some input. If you take a fools resources and conevrt them into someting meaningful for more people to enjoy?, that would not be mean or a steal act.
so mean is to waste, inability to add value, wait for Godot to come. Life is most precisous resource known to mankind, and we must make it worthwhile for all of us, starting with ourself abinitio!!

Abhinav said...

thnx man fr ur comments..i relly appreciate
i totally agree wid ur stance..n wat eva u say..but at de same time i believe tat ur answer does not validate de argument tat i upheld...i believe dat ur answer bein overlooks de cause and got drifted in a natural bais caused by humanism..or morality..but de answer to this shld not consider these doctrines
i dont say life isnt precious n it shldnt b preserved..i say de same...
but de opinion wanted here was..regardin at de same whn we preserve life wat is de motive behind it?
lets take an extreme case....u get trapped wid anothr guy in a gas chamber..u hav followin options
1) u escape widout helpin de othr person...u r mean,
2) u escape at de same time u help de othr person to escape riskin ur own life as well...
now in second option thr r too things dat u r doin....over de cover..wt is seen is tat u want to save de othr person's life so u aint selfish..(because u r also riskin ur life) rite...but wat is de psyche behind this action?? why u get pushed to save tat needy? may b ur emotions? .rite...now dese r ur emotions..once u save him .. u ll satisfied..tat u did help a needy..but if u dont u hate urself....ur action is again provoked by an inner desire left to be satisfied...do i make sense?..i hope i do..