Saturday, December 18, 2004

Please discourage corruption

I was a proud Indian. Even after knowing all about the high profile black market and corrupt government personnel. I was proud for the citizens of India. I was proud for the kind & helping nature bestowed to Indians. I thought they were hard working and ate through what they deserved for their efforts. And above all was my respect for the custodians of public, the “Police- Taking Care of People”.
I had heard a lot about the corruption in police department but had never witnessed with my own eyes; probably the reason why I never contemplated over it. All my thanks to God, for giving my enough strength: of not tolerating injustice with my own self. All this happened when I was driving a vehicle. On my way back to home I encountered a green turned orange light on a crossing. I was stopped by a running traffic cop who whistled at me. At first I wondered why he stopped me then I realized that the surd gentleman might be asking for a lift. Being a regular hitchhiker I seldom turn down such requests unless it is night and the person asking for a lift is a woman!
As I waited for the policeman to board I saw a couple of vehicles jumping the red light and going completely un-noticed by a bunch of chitchatting policemen. To my surprise, instead of boarding the policeman asked me for my driving license. Shocked, I asked him the reason and his rude reply shocked me even more. I was blamed for jumping the red- light. I protested a bit, and then the policeman asked me for vehicle papers. A showed him to his utter satisfaction but he took my vehicle’ RC. I protested to an officer who to me looked a little more sensible (I have no regret using this word) at first sight, but all in vain. He called me dumb and uneducated, who doesn’t have any traffic sense.
I could sense what he wanted from me. For a moment I thought I should give him fifty bucks and get away. But this is what all of us have been doing all this time. We encouraged them to trap the innocent buds, today that’s me tomorrow who knows it could be you. And may be at that time their pecuniary mouths would be too large for us to fill and the malice being intolerable.
We want to avoid going to court so we bribe them, a short cut for the fine we eventually have to bear. But the consequence of this is creation of another earning opportunity. Seeing such an easy though illicit perquisite these policemen have now started pillaging the innocence.
I stopped there and I didn’t bribe him. I took my challan receipt and saw the frustrating look on his face. I had definitely annoyed him. Realizing this I couldn’t avoid passing a smile on this. It was a success disguised in failure. I had stopped one crime by apparently and innocently committing another crime. But ironically this game was not the only venue he had. In no time he engaged another biker and to my disgust that guy gave him some 100 bucks and got away. I couldn’t protest at that moment because I knew it would have gone in vain.
This is the stature of Indian “Police – Taking care of Public”. I love India and I cannot see it in a state that can be rightly described as a “Prelude to doom”. If we don’t put an end to this today we might find it hard to recover.
Above is just one citation of police corruption. India is full of government run departments and they are all corrupt like hell. Corruption is rude, remove it. Fore mostly discourage it. We ourselves have double standards we will speak out of sky against corruption but we don’t mind giving a little bit of bribe here and there to ease out ways.

But the whole point is discouraging it.

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LMJ said...

U r absolutely rite.........atleast somewhere i think ur views and action are worth lauding.

Ques remains that whether the next time r u willing 2 bear the same rudeness and high handedness of the "mama's" ?.