Thursday, January 06, 2005

Weak Like A Twig

Feeling of possession! It makes one weak. Weak to an extent that you fall so hard that you are unable to get up. You lose something and you are like a dead man. Some go into a gloomy state and turn to a rock others become paranoiac that makes them violent. I always thought I was strong, I recovered easily from shocks. But last night I came to know the reality. I am weak! Weak as a twig. Which can be broken by a ever little stress that it has not witnessed before. Something happened to me. I was feeling restless. Reason was in front of me but I was unaware, unable to identify it. Something like this happened, I wasn’t being treated well by someone I wanted to. And that someone was somebody I really cared for. I wanted the treatment of being special. Its like saying even if you are not special still you want special treatment. It is like having some desire that is over demanding. It is like having expectations for no good reason. I guess we have an inborn desire to be liked by someone we like. Perfectly human it is but how far is it justified. Human desires are irrational at times and they need a check. I guess all us love to be loved. This feeling is a desire that makes us weak. We are they happiest and feel like on the top of the world when above is fulfilled. But at times we don’t get the kind of behavior that we anticipate and we find ourselves fucked up! It is a desire that causes pain for no reason of good.
But the irony goes like this, even after realizing it I am still an ass to behave in the undesired way, the way that causes pain, the way that makes me weak!

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