Friday, March 18, 2005

Love of An Angel

The love of an angel. Angels who don’t stay on earth. They visit only for short durations. Angels who are enticing but not lasting. I fell in love with an angel only to realize later that I was a mortal not meant for a heavenly being. It makes one a typical Romeo, saying things that sound so melodramatic to someone who cannot comprehend the state of love. It is like a pinnacle of yearning, longing for something far away. As I see my love, it lies somewhere in stars, beyond the realm of mundane objects. It wakes me up, two past twelve. I peep out of my rectangular window to gaze the sky. My eyes probe very little to catch the pride of sky. she shines brighter today, brighter than ever before. The glow on her face steers straight through my heart, a piece of flesh that palpitates only on a sight of her. With a sudden flash of supernovian beauty appears her an angel in human body. There is no convulsion of earth and heaven! My soul as pure as a child’s mind leaves my mundane body as it stars with stone eyes appreciating the pulchritude of the lady love. Soul convulsion and dancing to the symphony of love is sight I can never forget. Rising above the skies, it felt like touching the moon with my heart palpitating at a rate faster than ever before. Angelic glow is for ever. But sight of angelic glow is temporal. The kick of the angel took me to the seventh sky, but everything that goes up comes back to ground till the time you are an earthly being! With no reasons no restrains my soul is deserted. I fall, this time I fall, fall for an earthly law, fall with time never to rise again. I see myself lying under the window. The heart full of love stopped pulsating.


munmun said...

words that touch your soul,words that leave a lasting impression,words that give pictorial effect to plain white paper,words that are mystical,overall very well composed and written.

Abhinav said...

Dude, what the fuck you doing man? I couldnt muster enough strenght to read the shit that you wrote man.. all I can tell is you are experiencing a weird state called Love,crush or some shit like that. Stop crying man... get over it.. go get yourself a toy to play with or better still playwith yourself and start going to classes. This way you will make something of yourself in life.

Abhinav said...

rite abhinav...feels like callin my own self..ritly said by u ..i shld b doin wat u jus blabbed up here...but u knw things aint tat easy..lookin frm ur perspective dey mite b..or lookin frm a rational beings view de shld b exactlty de way u jus mentiond...but i really dont mind doin this shit..havin big transition from being a misogynist to a femminist....this is one phase in my life i dont really repent abt..neways...thnx fr ur kind advice...ur advice hadnt missed my shitty head!