Saturday, May 06, 2006


Once again, I find myself falling to my own weakness. The reason I see, is that I never thought this weakness as a weakness rather I believed it to be my magnanimity, which for obvious reasons was considered as a positive trait. Has it paid anyone, having a big heart?

Once bitten twice shy. But I didn't learn. My folly, perhaps. Well, let me put some light on what I am talking about. I am talking about making people your life or rather friends your life. You make sacrifices, you make compromises, you kill your pride because once attached you believe that things should carried forward in good spirit. Because you don't bind easily to everyone, so you continue to believe that there is something special about that person. But there is a limit to everything, limit to the extent you can kill your pride, limit to the sacrifices you can make...And when the water goes above your head you think it is good for you to just get out of it.

We need friends to take care of us, because now and then they are the ones who understand you the best, they are the ones with whom you have all your fun. But, all along with this there is a certain degree of respect that you demand, if thats missing there is no strength in the bond.

Happy are those who don't care. Who never get attached. Who will share the happiness you have, but never bother to offer help when troubles engulf you. Life for them is very simple, rather they are the happiest folks around.

I have a few embedded traits, which I cannot lose, my amiable nature, my magnanimity. So, I believe what is good for me is to just stay aloof. Oh wonderful, guess whats the next song on my playlist: Solitude by Cathedral.


munmun said...

never search ur happiness in others its makes u feel alone, search it in urself,u will feel happy even wen u r left's too short for melancholy.....gud deeds have gud consequences...pamper urself.

manika said...

loving urself is the start of a lifetime romance... so gud if u luv being wid urself... agree wid u as i follow the same rules... luv thyself n the world loves u..

Hemu said...

First understand the newtons all seven law .. and then i am damm sure you after that the equations of the real world will be So easy to understand !!

Abhinav said...

newton gave seven laws :O
mujhe to chaar he yaad hain

Hemu said...

okie , have to learn a lot !!