Monday, May 29, 2006

She is a lady

At times she is gloomy, at times she is gay. But she always dwells on rhythm. A rhythm, that compels you to dance with her. Many words of praise from the praise worthy are bestowed to her. She is deeper, the deepest ocean, only to be matched by the incessant space. Once you start adoring her, you can never get out of her love. She is a freak head, yet she is the most sensible woman in the world. She is mystic, but she is truth. She creates illusions, yet beautiful and so close to the world we are and the world we wanted to be in. She was born out of creativity.

I spend most of my time with her, and that is all quality time spent. She teaches me a lot of things; at times I think she is the most intellectual female of the world. She has opinions on everything; if not solutions. She is benevolent; she is considerate of poor hearts. She feels the pain; she knows how to party hard.

She has no semblance, no shape, yet she is the most beautiful female of the world. Once found, you can never lose her. She commits to you forever. She is the one love who never gets angry with you, and never bored of her, because, she is vivid. She is not ordinary. She is music to ears, and that’s what she is called.

PS: - Inspired by the words of Mikael Akerfeldt, “If music was a woman, I’d desperately want to fuck her”.


Hemu said...

This is something which is SO fking amazing , what is this man ??? .. a bunch of line or a beautiful poem ?? chah man , Supurb !!

The whole scripting thing is amazing ... read it 4 time in a row

Bows Bows

Cant even imagine the poem ONWED everything !! How could the girl would be in real :D

But dude , what mean 'SHE is a lady' ?? pretty complex thing or i am sucha a dumbass ???

By The Way , you made my day Bro' ..

keep writting this kinda SHIT , yammiesssssssssssssssssssssssssss

Abhinav said... no.."she is a lady" is nuthin comes again frm a is thr in the sound track of ......................fear n loathing in las vegas...a very popular song..cant recall de title though

nuthin else stuck to my put this thing on..i m bad at gud titles:P

munmun said...

sorry i just got a bit late in reading this one but must say indeed interesting.....i wish i cud be like this lady alias music too...neways keep writing..n take care..n god bless

StandbyMind said...

Interesting! I really liked this post. and i must say u write good!