Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Wannabes

Since last few days I have started ‘wannabe’ hunting. Or rather, I must say, I have started giving a name to few people’s very pestering attitude towards life. They live a life by an image that they create in others vision. What I mean to say here is that their actions and at least there talks are so evident of their fake-ness. They would say what ever gives you an ‘aaw’ or may be they will form an image using a few words and then try to live up to that image by any means.

The annoying part is that they don’t live for themselves, in a way they do, but their actions are governed by their false images which are a result of their constant faking in different conversations with different people. And in that pretense, they kill natural behavior. Now here there is a catch, what is natural behavior? Natural behavior of one person could be different from another person. The thing I am trying to explain is little difficult to put into words, but I shall give my best shot. Imagine that the natural thing for a wannabe is being a wannabe! So his wannabe nature is natural for him. Now an analogy that could closely fit here is black people. I would say that the natural color of human body is white, but then it is not because for black men it is black. They don’t suffer from a disease/deficiency. Thus, even a wannabe doesn’t suffer from a disease; it’s his/her nature that makes it a wannabe. Since black people are evil and most people don’t like it, so are wannabes. Thus, finally an addition to human hate, hate on basis of behavior, categorization on basis of behavior. Well it is not a new thing though, Hitler did it! Hated Jew’s for what they were. Even the biggest moral court also discriminates on the basis of behavior. Punishing a murderer? That’s also discrimination basis behavior. Now, matter of prime importance here is to see if wannabe behavior qualifies for being a felony? To me it at least generates hate if not punishment.

Now how this person gets identified? Well I am no moral police, but still I mention. You lie to one person but you forget it. And you tell a different lie to another person. And this cycle keeps on going on and on. Ultimately, this wannabe is trapped in its own cobweb. But the true character of a wannabe makes him stubborn. When a wannabe is caught red-handed of its pseudo projection, it still doesn’t accept it, and it still fights to lie more and more, to defend its first lie. But it doesn’t continue till eternity, it ends with a loser statement like, “why should prove a point to you?” “Ok I don’t care what you think! I know I am right” “Get lost!” And finally, one that I really find funny, to put the ball in other’s court, “You are a loser!”

Wannabes are complex creatures in their thinking. They are very ambitious. They don’t take steps without brooding over it. It is just that they don’t’ realize that mayhem they cause while crapping from their mouth. Wannabes are like bad artists who does really sick imagery just to please the viewers, but he ultimately he receives no appreciation, because art isn’t an act of fake-ness but a pristine result of one’s true feeling.

What other things a wannabe does? A wannabe always wants to talk about his/her own-self. At times wannabe creates pseudo problems in his life just for the sake of attention. Then every body, thinking that it is some major mishap in our wannabes life starts asking him things and yes his/her purpose of life is fulfilled. Wannabe fakes about its possessions and its experiences. Wannabe acts like Mr. Know it all, sadly with a little knowledge. That’s why you can always beat or rather affirm wannabe behavior by getting into details. But beware wannabe gets really pissed if you get into details of things. But wannabe’s are clever and egoistic they would try to modify the path that you intend to take them to, that is of retribution. Exposing all the fake-ness of a wannabe! Wannabe is badly resistant to it. Once a wannabe realizes that its time for death, he or she just makes an exit. Its like a virus, who sucks on to you till the time you don’t take antibiotics, once it is on, the virus just exits you body to find another source. Thus, lived the wannabe!


Daniel said...

First of all, thank you for the posting and read your article, I can understand what a wannabe. I remember I heard of wannabe from one of friends on but I only know little.

Ps said...

Ok..This is going to be long.

Firstly, My perspective may be way too off, as I am obviously speaking from what i perceive and what i have experienced--which may be completely different from yours.

"Wannabes" I thought existed only when one was in teens or at the most 21-22 types, when one struggles for identity and individuality. I really havent come across very many wannabes among people my age.

Let me play the devil's advocate.What is the lie that the wannabe has told you? May be the wannabe is a multi-facted personality.Maybe the wannabe suffers from a multiple personlaity disorder.Or maybe you are perceiving only what you want to perceive in the wannabe.
Its like the story of 5 blind men, asked to describe the elepahnt.Each touched a different part--and based on his expreience,presumes that the others are all lying.
Devil's advoctae exits.

And what i dont understand is why would ANYONE want to be a wannabe? I mean--for whatever its worth, its YOUR individuality that sets YOU apart--so why imitate?Why lie? Is that the only way the wannabe can get attention?

And finally--the wannabe exists and revels and makes statements like "you are a loser" simply because that makes the wannabe feel better about him/herself.Well--its their opinion and choice.

You have a choice too.You can just walk away from the wannabe (am assuming nhere that the wannabe thrives on others reaction to him/her)--and thaey wont bother you anymore.

Abhinav said...

@PS hehe..
ur comment seems to be for the motion n mine against the motion.

1) wannabes exist in every age grp. ..may b thr severity to society reduces once they grow up but they do exist. i know a few!

2) Wannabes want attention under any circumstance. even if they are capable of gud things they want more attention dan wat dey get. they alwys think they need more! they r lyk greedy bastards

3) Wannabes are clever people they don't really suffer from multiple personality disorder. they just fake it with all awareness. Its just tat wen they can no more handle the fake-ness (it becumes fattened in amount) they tend to get caught!

4) "Why does any body want to be wannabe?"
answer this ..why does ne body want to be nice? it is their nature., and attention is their sole motto.

5)yeh rite, wannabe is free to express his/her opinion..tat rite is thr.

6)yes u hav a choice to avoid them.but some wannabes are difficult to avoid ...lyk people in office...n some common frnds....they are hazardous!