Sunday, May 27, 2007


Sometimes I wonder what true reality is.

There is a list of 600+ drugs available in the market (prescription or underground) that can cause hallucinations. These drugs modify our brain in such a way that its normal (or the so perceived normal) functioning is distorted, resulting in viewing those things which a normal brain cannot view.

Every person under the influence of these drugs sees a separate reality associated to him/her self. It is incoherent with what a normal person sees. But then what a normal person sees is not necessarily true. Because it is a piece of hydrocarbons attached together and secreting other hydrocarbons which govern what we see! Now what secretion takes place is governed by these drugs.

There is coherence in what we all see, when we aren’t on any drugs. But when two people sitting by each other take these drugs, they tend to see different worlds. Now, essentially these are only signals generated by our hydrocarbon brains and their processing, but why this incoherence between two people’s responses under the influence of drugs.

Today I somehow feel that there is some reality associated with these hallucinations. There is a different world that normally our brain is incapable of seeing. But these drugs momentarily impart the capability of shifting to another reality! I called it reality contrary to the normal belief, since I believe that we human beings are kind of incapable of comprehending right now what is real and what is not! May be we need time and more research to know what real is.

I don’t want to end up without a moral so I add one. No thoughts are crazy, they are a glimpse of what could be revolution.


Ps said...

Ultimately, One man's 'crazy' is other man's 'truth'.What sounds crazy and insane to one, may sound perfectly normal to another.
Reading James frey's "a million little pieces".Its his account of 6 weeks in rehab.Seems apt for this post you have written.
And finally as Douglas Everett says " “There are some people who live in a dream world, and there are some who face reality; and then there are those who turn one into the other.”

khushboo said...

i appreciate what you wrote .. but its not a definite probe that is witnessed in ur words.. what we percieve is indeed only based on our 5 senses.. truth itself is not definite .. its as flimsy as those 5 senses! whether it is under drugs or otherwise .. how do we know what we recieve by our antennas is "truth"?

Abhinav said...

hi khushboo....

"I believe that we human beings are kind of incapable of comprehending right now what is real and what is not! "

i guess this shld answser ur query!!

munmun said...

i agree wid u...i believe in sixth sense...hallucinations...deja vu....i think its all true ......if there is god then there are definitely certain things that will always be inexplicable.....

Penguin said...

hahehahaheaa..........."hydrocarbons"....r made of only C and H

make it amino acids/proteins etc. like stuff

i always feel there is reality assocaited with these stuff, but a majority if the world is missing this dimension of the world