Monday, August 20, 2007

A Skeptic

If you let others govern your life you are going to get hurt. The entire idea of living for someone else or for others in general is hurtful. Because of its extrinsic nature, it is going to be unpredictable. The way you think about a person today might not be the way that person is in future. By living for others you are naturally privileging them with the power to play with your emotions. And believe me they are not mean or rather I would use a more generic term, they aren’t bad at all. Because had you not been doing what you are, you would have been doing what they are and thus in your own vision you wouldn’t have been bad.

Love and affection are beautiful when they go the way they are expected to. But like Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle puts a limit on how you know position and velocity, it perhaps also puts a limit on prediction of thoughts and feelings. Attachment is a state of high risk. Because it is state of stake involved, which one wouldn’t want to lose! It is the state of your commitment or rather the emotions that your body produces. If I grow really skeptical about attachment and if so does every one on this planet, life would become more predictable, and yes more mechanized as well. Because then you would know what is good for you and you would know which path to choose. However, life would lose its charm of suspense i.e. the unpredictability we were talking about; we would attain a state of altogether elimination of this factor from the society. And life would become like one of those predictable dull movies. Every human being would want to follow detachment because that is a state of less risk and thus less chance of emotional trauma.

As mentioned before, this is really a disenchanting way of living, since humans are used to living in crests and troughs, they would never want to be something like this, a life of a flat-liner. States of human mind are temporal, so is the risk taking capacity of human mind. Today’s jarhead is tomorrow’s smooth criminal, an example that with time wisdom grows. And thus to the delight of a skeptic the state of least risk is a choice of wisdom.

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