Saturday, February 02, 2008

Thought for the day

A seed is sown. A stem appears with little leaves. Along with these leaves grow tiny buds. A visionary very keenly observes each stage of growth of this plant and sees the future beauty yet to appear. This visionary pictures the future of this plant on a piece of paper using a palette of colors and a brush.

And finally bud grows into a full fledged flower, sprinkling the beauty of its color, brilliantly into the environment. Each passing day registers another tiny little advancement in its size. Visionary captured this entire beauty in the painting, and was happy with the progress and waited for more.

Until one day when the path of growth of this flower is obstructed. Lack of anticipation baffles my visionary. Since, this is not something that was expected. Visionary was stuck in strange situation, where the prediction of the flower’s growth had gone wrong. So, visionary decided to observe for more time and draw another real time picture. And thus compare them for true beauty.

The flower tried to force its way, but failed after a few tries, and it bended its path. Suddenly the visionary realized that the beauty of the original picture was no where seen. It wasn’t hard for our visionary to realize what had gone wrong, neither is it difficult for most of us to realize that, but then when we are not in observation mode we tend to ignore this just like the flower. Because being a part of the system we know how things are from our perspective, but a universal perspective is also something that is with us alone. And from inside we know what is right and what is wrong! What we should be doing and what not!

From being someone who respected values and followed them religiously to someone who compromised once and then just went with the flow is trivial. There is a very high likelihood of finding such people in your vicinity. More or less everyone is like that. But then so is the loss of beauty.

It would be highly immature to think that your entire life will witness absence of compromises, but when it matters the most, one should not bend their rules.

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