Friday, April 14, 2006

Have a look....

Finally, my thought of converting my beer belly into abs was put into action today. Getting rid of that obscene pot belly and instead getting sexy abs. I just hope that I am regular with exercise and do not mess up things in between.

Looks play an incredibly big role in this world. Makes me slightly sad, but then I wonder if discrimination on the basis of looks is fair or not. Well before I move on I must recognize this fact that all of our attributes are god given, which include wisdom and looks both.

Well, every one wants to look hot, every wants to be wise too. Both these things ultimate do good to our confidence. Two equally well qualified men appear a technical interview, the interviewer gives them same marks for everything, but one of them is handsome compared to the other one. The interviewer has a natural bias, to take the handsome one, fair enough! Right? I mean these are very trivial inherent prejudices that we have, and they are very much human nature.

But the problem comes in case of faking the truth. We don’t find it bad to discriminate on basis of wisdom. This guy is more intelligent take him. But at the time hypocrites, we think discrimination on the basis of looks is unfair. Black and white, whites think they are superior, and they commit hate crimes based upon the looks. Though very little or not at all, at least never heard a hate crime based upon wisdom.

The thing is that truth shall be disclosed. Fakeness is provocative to contemptuous actions. Reality shouldn’t be tempered with. Some things are said and exist in the society, others are not said but they also exist.
Reservation, a hot topic of the moment also provokes hate crime, creates man made walls.

Apartheid is disgusting. I just wonder what would have happened, had the blacks developed more prior to the whites. I don’t how they would have treated the white men. But lot of this discrimination is based upon socio-economic scene.

Now a very different personal point of view, a person gets up in the morning, he has things like I need to learn this today, Ok! I need to go to gym, workout, Ok! And his life is very much based upon a protocol, increase your wisdom and enhance or maintain the sensuality of your looks. Well these are very basic things apart from the details of how we achieve all this, but they are the primarily identified deeds. I don’t see anything wrong with that.

Well, answer would have been easier had we known the purpose of our life. But still I am confused. I think with time this might become clearer, and I might be able to justify it with some rationality which is missing right now. Nevertheless, I shall not quit and keep working on abs. hehe


munmun said...

any progress on the workin on mine

Abhinav said...

hehe...u to surely need to wrk on dem now :P..
yeh de progress is thr...though slow but surely is visible ;)