Tuesday, July 12, 2005


One year of await finally ends, not to mention it started the night it ended last year. Ardent followers dressed up in impressive black gush outside the arena where the prestigious act is about to start in a few hours of time. It is a high demand show. The most applauded concert in the northern part of country, a prestigious contest of Rock Giants from all over the nation.

I wait for this show the whole year, for last six years I haven’t missed a single one and with every coming year my enthusiasm keeps on waxing. The show starts at 5 in the evening always delayed from its programmed time, because of the over burdened shoulders of immature undergraduate student's organization. I enter three hours before the show and see the bands going through the crucial sound check, setting there electronic machines to the tones of the console. Shrilled distortions, shrieked blazes from the stringed instruments ignite a covetous desire to head bang.

Running around with a bag full of entry passes and a walkie-talkie in my hand the situation was a mixture of high tension and excitement. Assuring everything to be at place and every event on time, managing a dozen sub ordinates, allocating duties, really meant a lot. The pressure is high when you know the responsibility of an event where the hopes of around five thousand people for a good show is fairly on your little team. And the relentless authorities of your institute will not tolerate a little deviance from ideality. They want things right at place and right on time no matter if a person stands for 24 hrs without sleep.

Half past four in the evening and all bands ended their sound check, I announced the evacuation of OAT, “Please leave and show your passes and enter again, cooperate so that we don’t call security”. Crowd showed sensibility and moved out. Dean of students calls me and enquires for all the details. So far so good. Band entry is from the VIP gate, all bands show there passes and enter at one time with me at the gate to verify there identity. We did so, I sounds easy but it took one full hour to enter bloody 6 bands in. I move to the other entry point and see a very common sight such an event. Some what thousands standing in queues, some with entry cards rest just hoping to swindle the security.

Every time it happens thousands of uninterested random beings just out of curiosity, who don’t even have any sense and respect for Rock n Roll get in and leave when they are unable to tolerate, wasting the chance of an ardent rock fan. Me and my pal decided this time we will try curbing this shit to the extent we can. I had some what around 300 entry passes, in my bag and I was running around giving people I knew deserved to be in. All thanks to my professor who understood the emotion behind it and thanks to my luck that day. I got around fifty people entering from the VIP entry all deserving ones. Another pal contributed to the effect by cajoling the security guards at the general entry point.

Success shows. After an hour or so my dean comes to me and tells me why the people are not leaving. When you have such a big crowd to handle, you have all the logistics of crowd in flow and out flow worked out. Under normal circumstances, something that had been happening for last few years, around after an hour of the event starting a gust of crowd moves out and then the gates open again to let those in who were left out. But there logistics failed this time, they experienced something that was very unexpected, people in stayed in. I saw Dean’s face and smirked, he made jeer remark at me when I was talking about Blitzkrieg with him about rock fanatics. And that moment I saw a perplexed authority. I told him, today there won’t be any such cycles and that actually happened. No one left the theater, every one was jolly in the frenzy cloud of the music rising high, reaching the seventh sky, listening to the guttural screams of the metal maniacs.

The event was an ultimate success. All credit to the team. It was an effort applauded by everyone around. The Dean was exalted, he gave us chocolates congratulating for our success.

Determination is strength, you can make differences with your will even if they are minor, and if you have a strong true emotion behind it your efforts will surely get what you want, all you need is little bit of God, rest is you, all the best.

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