Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Modern Day Warriors (Lovers)

Love is no less than a war, and lovers no less than zealot warriors. Lovers’ fight the war against world to stay together, and at times they are ready to lay there lives for this purpose. Ranjha died, Romeo was killed.

Driven by the ardent emotions, which results from one stupid chemical secreted in our brains called Dopamine. Love has beneficial effects on you. Falling in love makes you more attractive, with the secretion of sex hormone estrogen that makes our skin softer and improves blood circulation. So all babes around get ready fall in love ;)

Love, if we look back into time it was pretty different at that time or may be the examples I know are pretty different from the way I see it today in our society. Like the love of Heer-Ranjha, Romeo-Juliet, they were warriors who probably exemplify love in the most appropriate sense. I don’t think I need to educate any one regarding what these warriors were like. But now the times are changing. The concept of love is changing.

One of my dear friends, perhaps the one among the two best I have, doesn’t mind going around with any woman, no matter who she is for “a fling”. The funniest thing about it is that he tells every one of them “I love you sweet heart” and then he tells me, “Man this time I have fallen in love”. Preposterous! And funny. The whole essence of love is lost it is used for everyone. Ok answer this! Why you say I love you to someone? Because you find him/her really special, meaning that probably he/she is your whole life’s most precious possession. You go around with a person and you hide your true emotions. Both of you know what you feel about each other, but you are just two scared to face the reality and you just can’t say it. Any relation that lasts, that has a stronger basis is one that is based on true facts not on fake illusions that one creates.

Another pal tells me that you can easily love 5-6 people in one life. Now I think of it, I just can’t stop laughing at this statement. But surely you need a king size heart to accommodate all of them. I wish had that big a heart. Last time I went home, a friend of mine told me in his pompous tone, “I got 30 women’s contacts in my cell phone, till date I have slept with half of them, I just want to complete the list”. I was like holyfuck! But all I could say was good luck buddy. I wish your dreams come true. (Pretty Lusty :P)

Another friend of mine had a sex relation ship with a woman for four months. But they clearly had the rules stated, they knew it on the first night they had sex and they knew it on the last night they had sex. Today, still they meet and they are like very good friends. The whole point is you have to be honest enough in expressing your true emotions so that the complications do not persist at later stages. Grudges are going to creep up if things are not clarified. Keeping things in heart is pain, unless you are a sado-masochist, which I presume 95% people are not, any one would hate it.

Sometimes I feel it is my traditional thinking that doesn’t allow me to think the way others do. I haven’t grown with the society. Our society is becoming fast with time. And surely lot of it is inspired by the western culture. Human beings pick evils quickly, perhaps I am not being rational enough to call it evil but I am sure even if our society doesn’t pick the traits of hard work and loyalty, we will surely adopt most of the evils of their culture.

Modern day warriors, they fly with the wind, not against it. This provokes me not to use such a respectful word like warriors!

This article is fairly open to criticism and I know fingers are going to be pointed and doubts about pragmatism of things are going to be raised. But believe me foundation of a lasting relation ship love, friendship is honesty. You might hurt a person for temporarily but in long he/she will respect your honesty.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~mAKe WorLD A LovabLe PLAce to live in~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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tripthi sugumar said...

totally agree...love....dats a once ina lifetime thin....the resta da time its jus a surge of hormones....but then again...u kno wen ure in love...u jus do...n once it happens it jus won go away...no matter how hard u try..love endures long...n is patient n kind...it takes no account of the evil done to it..pays no attention to a suffered wrongbut the cliche arises wen.......wat happens wen it jus cant happen...wen there aint no potential for a future....wen commitments n responsibilities prevail...wen u gotta follow ur head instead of ur heart....does it go away?....never...but u can always learn to love another....least u must...n it sure aint impossible