Friday, July 08, 2005

Deep in my Heart

Will you love me till the day I die
Will you love me in the after life
Will you pray to the seraphs and ask them to make sure I'm alright in my next life

Would you massage my back if I asked you
Would you believe me if I told you I loved you
Would you hold me tight and kiss me
And if I tried to get away would you say come back I ain't finished yet

If I told you I hated you would you take it to the heart
If I told I was leaving would you just let us part
If I had plane tickets to a tropical island far away
Would you drop everything you're doing and come away with me

Why is it we can never tell how we feel about each other
Why is it so hard to believe each other
Why is it that really don't trust each other
Why is it that we lust for each other

Why I think these things I really don't know
Maybe I think someday soon you might go
Or maybe it's just the opposite and I am just tired of all this shit
Would it really affect our lives if we were to part
I know when you answer these questions they will stay deep in my heart

PS:- This is by a friend of mine Sana. (All comments should be addressed to her)

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