Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Crash Landing after an awesome Flight

Snort a pinch and your eye ball zooms and your vision goes hazy, you soar into your subconscious dreams seeing things funny, horrible, vulgar, gory. Your imagination takes a leap into ‘You in wonderland’. You feel thirsty to the extent that cannot be quenched by any amount of cold water. An intelligent being of you turns into a shitake mushroom, who gazes around like a mentally retarded person. You burst into laughter for no reason of good, an unstoppable activity for you till the time your tummy aches and you are lying on floor beating it. The very next moment you have an urge to hit, you are filled with tremendous psychological energy but you really don’t know how to focus it. This rush of blood can drag you into any antisocial activity, you can kill, rape, stab, jump out of a window for no reasons. That’s Cocaine!

Rolling spliffs, it is really a time consuming job, me not being an expert. But I had to rush, my friend called me a little while ago and told that another friend of his who has to leave soon wants to try the marijuana hit. I finished the job rolling six joints and went down. He was waiting in his car, thought, three of us and six joints, two each, cool! Hey hi! Introductions and we are on the move. The stuff was really good that time; I was expecting a good hit! We moved to the nearby hangout bought a cold menu drink (formality sake) and lit the first joint. There are etiquettes for smoking, three puffs and pass on to the next. But with joints it is different; one roll lasts longer than an average cigarette. Around two and half times longer, moreover the hit is even higher. First joint done, second done, third done, fourth done and our lips were dry like the sand of Sahara. I tried plumbing the level of hit they had underwent but my gauging power was badly hit too. My throat was burning. I got up and gulped three glasses of water. As the host it was my responsibility to ask for another one, so did I? But they were sloshed. I grinned, as if I had accomplished the task of making them feel the punch. Sorry, it was too good. The stuff was awesome this time. When I wasn’t noticing, in my state of so thought of as eternal bliss, they drank water like mad cows. We moved out of that place, climbing the stairs when every step seemed like lifting a hundred pound stone. Everything was slow, as if it was multiplied by 0.2 so that it moves slowly, whether it is our mind or our motion. We dragged ourselves to car, with no one knowing anything about other, we sat on our usual fixed locations but the car didn’t move. We waited but it didn’t move. We still waited but it didn’t move. I turned my head and saw there was no one to drive it. The driver was missing! I slowly gazed around, and holy shit he was puking in the corner. He didn’t stop for at least half an hour, after that he was too weak to move, we took him to the hospital, I knew there was hell lot of chance that the thing could to our parents but I had no choice my friends life was in danger, and we were scared to shit. He got two bottles of glucose drip. Somehow we were able to fake out that day, and we not caught, we fooled them saying it is a case of food poising, and not dope poising. The main reason he puked was that he took too much of water after the joints, and he was keeping all the smoke inside his tummy and not letting it out for a higher hit.

I learned a lesson that day drugs are futile. They make you sick and nothing else. Moving into such a state is really not a good experience where you lose your senses.

We had already smoked Mary Jane for around 15 days without any mishaps but with that we ended our resolution to dope. No more to drugs!

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munmun said...

im glad buddy u realised DRUGS R SO UNCOOL.....dun u eva get urself into that kinds mess again.