Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Romanticists: Part I

My first crush happened when I was in class first. In year 1989, we moved to the city of an engineering marvel, Nangal. My first day in school went awesomely. My seat was fixed with very pretty girl and was more than excited to go to the school thereafter. The level of excitement was so high that I went on to tell my mom all about this, though I later realized or in fact for the first time in my life I realized that girls were different and they were taken differently. The reaction of my mom to a guy friend and that to a girl friend differed radically. The next girl who touched my heart was my neighbor’s daughter. She was called Gudia! (Some of you might have good laugh at this one!) Somehow I really found her name very sweet and the voice she had was more than good. When you like someone it clearly shows on your face. In very little time my big brother was able to tell that I liked her. A scared kid in me refused craftily. One lie and it is dead. That marked the beginning of me hiding all girly matters from my family. My school’s crush and I had very little interaction because most of the times I would spend in adoring her beauty and then return home for my neighborhood crush. Gudia and I used to play a lot, in fact a lot of those kid family games. And obviously I used to be the husband and she used to be my wife. One day we even played a game in which she was getting raped by some street guys and I came to her rescue kicking the shit out of those bastards. Slowly my school crush faded and my neighborhood crush got stronger. And those days of holi were totally awesome, wetting each other with those colors simply awesome. We shared a lot of things, my hard core vegetarian family meant that I could never test meat and chicken, As we grew up, we became distant, the fact that I was scared to tell her the truth, first reason I was a year younger to her, secondly I was scared of his dad. She was in a different school and with the kind of looks she had I was sure many guys were hitting on her. I knew I was going to lose her, but she was surely always on my mind. Years passed and we talked less and less, her dad met a serious accident and lost his leg, I was more than sad for the pain she was in, but I didn’t say anything, thanks to my stupid head.

Along side my school crush changed, my first crush wasn’t attractive anymore. One reason was that she grew taller than me, secondly I developed a liking for voluptuous girls, and she got too skinny.

Next girl was in class eighth and she was pretty hot, perhaps because she reached puberty before her girl friends. Reminds me of south park episode titled “Beebe’s boobs ruined society” in which a little school going girl develops boobs firstly in the class and the naughty preying eyes of little kids scrutinize her like anything. So she was the Beebe of our class. I used to talk a lot with her, and used to tease her a lot. Our talks were mostly related to her likes and her dislikes with me just arguing why this and why not this. And I am bad at convincing unless the person himself realizes what I am trying to say is actually correct. We were good friends. And one day another guy proposed her and man that was the end of everything for me. She broke up crying created a lot of havoc in the class, teachers got involved and the story went to the ears of guys parents. I wasn’t a brave kid to take a risk of proposing her after all this. She kind of revealed a strange repulsion she had buried for guys deep inside her and I didn’t want to stir it again and face another calamity. Then as it happens in movies my dad moved to Chandigarh and the last good byes for not even recalled ever after.

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