Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Romanticists: Part II

Class 9th new school, new city, new friends and new girls. There were loads n loads of those in a city like Chandigarh. Perhaps I am a person who falls at the first sight. First day when I went to see the result for my admission I had cracked the exam, but while I was gazing at the list, I was suddenly hit by a floral tide of some perfume. I moved my head slightly to the left to see a radiant face. A girl short curly hair, very cute face, sexy eyes ocean deep and slim sleek figure! Oops was my reaction. But I had to take my eyes of quickly as I was with my dad. I am a really puppy baccha at home, no girls, no smoking, no boozeJ. She was awesome; I came home praying that she be in my section. But my prayers were not answeredL. She went to a different section and wonder what my school had enough hot chicks but I liked only her, just she. I told my close friends about her and they gave me awful feedbacks about her character, but no I liked her no matter what she was, not to mention she had a very sexy voice too. Our interaction was totally one sided, I would always stare, she won’t ever notice, follow her when she would leave for home, I would travel three miles extra just for her every day in the scorching sun. I dropped Hindi and took Punjabi in class 9th, major reason she was there, so that at least we would have one common period. Two years no talks, now was the time to depart still nothing, she won the title for miss sixteen, I told my friends she deserved it, they never trusted me before that but that day they were amazed at my eye. But she would be gone, and yes farewell party was the last day I saw her. So this crush of mine went without a single word exchange. Now she is perhaps settled into modeling somewhere in Canada.

One Good thing about having a single crush is that every night you think of that person only so you can avoid getting confused which one to think of before sleeping.

Class 11th & 12th I had this confusion, bad years no serious crush, many mini crushes.

Then I entered college, first year whiz passed me. I was too busy enjoying the freedom one has in college that I never got sentimental for anyone. I always thought there should be a girl but fun time in hostel; playing pranks, studying very little and then getting crazed about the grades and partying around overshadowed the need. Towards the end of the third year, I got really psyched for the lack of woman in my life. I wanted a girl’s love, but IIT the place where you spend 90% of your time provided very narrow opportunity. Strictly speaking I had no crushes in IIT. I liked a few girls and did appreciate there beauties, believe me there are few of those drop dead gorgeous in IIT’s too. But the sex ratio is terribly screwed. And there is a rush, guys drooling around whatever they find. My curiosity and emptiness bumped into this woman, she had average looks but was fairly nice by nature. Most of the time we spent together talking about technical things, studying together, making crappy assignments on time with a little bit of yummy yummy stuff and yes with that I grew up a bit. Now I was in that elite group in which most of the men want to get before graduation though it’s not a part of curriculum. Then she made me her pony, do this for me, do that for me! Being generous I know how much I can do for people without getting anything in return but she exceeded limits. And finally the thing I hate the most she tried to control my life, she cramped my freedom. And we broke!

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