Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Romanticists: Part III

Life is a teacher. But when it teaches you by force a true Sagittarian never learns. It was a stubborn kind of attitude. I would say to life, what you think you can scare me with this, seriously you can’t. I will again fall in love and will beat you bitch!

Now coming to my last crush. I can recall maximum of it because it was the most recent one and probably most intimate one too. We met in a really lucky fashion. 5 months after we came to know each other we never talked. I had no first sight crush on her, because we never met. Neither had I ever thought of getting together. Then one day she called up. A very sweet and low pitch voice. The second time she called she said lets meet up. I was surprised at the interest she was showing, but at times my words become my miseries, to keep one person happy I had to break another heart. I couldn’t meet her that day. And man she felt bad, as if I took her for granted which was not at all my intention. Any ways she cooled down after a while and then finally we met. I was dead on the first meeting itself. She had a glow on her face the glow of Oracle; I was totally stunned at her beauty. She had the elegance an order higher than an average girl. She sounded intelligent, a rare attribute for women. I could hardly talk because I didn’t really expect her to be that pretty. Long black hair totally awesome and very sweet smile. Her eyes, an illustration for the song 'sexy eyes'. She flaunted an attitude for which I fell flat.

I came back; those days were too busy for me to think of anything, I was too occupied with work, too much pressure on my little shoulders. I invited her to a function, she didn’t come. I felt bad. I am not used to hearing no, till the time I find a rational justification. Soon I was free from work, now I had ample time to drive the bike of my brain on to her track. Soon I realized that I was falling in love with her. There was I danger she made it clear that she doesn’t want any affair any more. She would say no if I approached her. I knew that. But this heart is a mad horse; it will run and jump into a cliff. I proposed her, stupid me, my fear was true, she refused. But I knew I can’t kill my love for her whether she refuses or not. I am completely a fan of moon, may be because it’s very beautiful or may be because my name means moon too. I compared her beauty to the beauty of moon. Yes she is that pretty. I would simply spend hours thinking about her beauty, and doing nothing. For a person like me who likes to be busy it is tough without a solid reason, which was she. After that we became very close friends, we shared a lot of things, we used to talk almost all the free time we had. My monthly phone bill became three times, but love makes you mad and it is really beautiful. It’s an awesome feeling to be loved by someone. We had a very sweet relationship; today I am unable to put it into words. And perhaps she is the only woman in my life I have got so close to, she absolutely knows me inside out, not even my mother. All I can say is that It was really the sweetest of all relationships I ever had. I won’t exactly call her my girl friend but she was something more than that, really close to heart, a lot cherished…


tripthi sugumar said...

intelligence....a rare attribute for women?? whoa...hold ur horses young man....n donot take that trip to ego land...ever again...coz ud b makin a huge mistake!!!

Abhinav said...

grl grl! c..i said "RARE"! so perhaps u com in tat categry:P